Doodling vs. Sketching

Recently in a blog “Sketchbook Challenge”  the author posed a question, What is the difference between Doodling and Sketching?  She has a great blog at

I tried commenting on her blog but was not able to so I am posting my answer here.

Doodling vs. Sketching, great question.  I am not very good at sketching but I can doodle.  I have been “doodling” for over 30 years, filling over 30 journal books.  I doodle in meetings. I doodle while waiting for appointments.  I doodle in airports.  I doodle in airplanes.  Definitely a flow of Unconscious material.  I love to doodle.  I never have a preconceived  destination and always “just begin” with a mark or a shape on the page and then go from there.  It’s about the process.  But I have also been able to turn it into product and created coloring books from my “doodles”.  I love it…  It’s fun and there is no expectation that it will become anything but what it is.

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